Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Analyzing The "Not Every Saturday Plus" New York Mets Ticket Plan

Taking a closer look at Dan's article about ticket plans...

The Weekday plan.  No thanks.  15 games, 4 in April, 3 in September.

The big carrot in that plan is Opening Day which right now is $138 on Stubhub.  That's a lot, but instead of playing $143 for the other 14 games you could break that $143 ($281-$138) and use it on games you actually want (say ten $11 games or one titanium game).   I made the "I have to go to opening day" mistake last year and bought a 15 game plan.  Thank heavens I sold my extra ticket to the opener  for a $250+ profit which took the sting out of one of the seats.    Oh, why didn't I bring Junior you ask?  Because we opened our new stadium with a night game because the Padres are whinier than this blog.

As for the Friday-Plus etc plans...I like that they renamed the plans.  Last year I killed them for having "Saturday" plans that included Wednesday.  This year it's the same but at least they threw the word plus in there.

Note that the "Almost Every Saturday But Not These Plan" does not include the game on June 26th against Minny.  Maybe they don't want you to see the Twins new uniforms.  You instead get to see Detroit on Thursday night.

The promotions haven't been announced yet, how much you wanna bet that June 26th is a good giveaway day.  It would be a nice day for an Old-Timer's Day by the way.

You also don't get August 14th against Philly because that's a rivalry game and they can sell that out without rewarding you the loyal customer who paid for 15 games.  You can buy a 16th game if you want to see the Phillies.  Instead enjoy the game on 8/11 against the Rockies.  On Wednesday night.

9/18 vs Atlanta?  Nope you don't get that one either.  Right now I'll guess that buy September 18th 2010 you won't be looking to go to a game anyway.  They may be doing you a favor.  However enjoy that 9/15 Wednesday night against the Pirates.

I imagine the Friday/Sunday/Weekend plus plans have similar annoyances.  I'm too lazy to go through.  I was a Saturday guy.   This year I'm out.  I'll spend my $138 on Stubhub and pocket that other $454 and use it on desperate sellers on Stubhub.

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