Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #18)

Next up for the Five Questions is Kevin who writes..

Thanks for taking time out to do this. It's a good enterprise.

1. When did you start following the Mets?

Since I can't technically say "since birth" (1980), I'd say I started paying particularly close attention in 1991.

2. What is your favorite Mets memory?

--Easily the Grand Slam Single. I'm still kicking myself for passing on tickets to that game, but something can be said about being in your college dorm room with a few close friends and a dozen complete strangers who wandered in to watch, then leap into the air in unison once the ball left Ventura's bat.

--My favorite at-game memory was Game 162 on Oct 3, 1999. Just knowing that we didn't choke like we did in 1998 had me floating on air (and after 2007 and 2008, this game looks better and better). October of 1999 was the only time in my adult life I've had no fear when it comes to the Mets. This game was the first of a few huge rewards to come.

3. What is your worst Mets memory or experience?

For 10 years I've said "Kenny Rogers", but now that Game 162 in 2007 has settled in, I'd say that sitting in the Upper Deck on Sept 30th of that year, after the Mets had lost, waiting for the Phillies win to become final--that's my lowest point as a fan. But man, Kenny comes close.

4. If you could change one off-field thing about the franchise what
would it be?

Completely change the way the Yankees impact the club--don't try to keep up with them every single year on-field, sometimes patience is key (see 1969, 1986); and off-field, do try to keep up with the Yankees and start doing a much better job celebrating team history (maybe not at the over-the-top Yankee level, but there's serious room for improvement, all of which has been well documented).

5. If you owned the team starting tomorrow, what is the first thing
you would change?

Citi Field. First I'd make it a decent place to actually watch a game (what a concept!), perhaps by going with the theory that moving home plate forward x-number of feet would greatly improve sightlines. Second, I'd lower ticket prices--particularly in obstructed view seats. Third, I'd Mets-up the place with posters, a public (and active) Hall of Fame, and a few more retired numbers (31, 17). In other words, I'd make Citi Field as much like Shea as possible, only with a more hands-on Mets history experience.

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