Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #26)

We're still abuzz with the new uniform announcement  but we're still mixing in answers to The 5 Questions.

#26 was Dave Kingman's number, and Scott from Huntington is #26 in our informal fan survey.

1. When did you start following the Mets?

1986.  I was 5 years old when the little league baseball season started that April.  My team name was the Mets.  The rest is history.  By October, I was 6 yrs old, and can remember yelling at the TV at the top of my lungs in game 6 "RUN MOOKIE!!!! RUN!!!!..I was praying that he was going to beat Buckner to the bag..."

2. What is your favorite Mets memory.

I have 3.  1986 world series.  I was at game 3 of the 2000 NLCS vs the Giants, BENNY!! BENNY!! I was also at the 1st game back after the September 11th attacks with Piazza's HR.

3. What is your worst Mets memory or experience?

Aaron Heilman vs. Yadier Molina or Adam Wainright vs. Carlos Beltran.

4. If you could change one off-field thing about the franchise what
would it be?

Ticket prices.

5. If you owned the team starting tomorrow, what is the first thing
you would change?

I'd retire Mike Piazza's #31Main Mets Police page

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