Monday, November 30, 2009

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Guest Column: Good Mets Customer Service Experiences


We spend a lot of time around here killing the's a nice guest column from The Media Goon.

I have to say with all the problems the Mets have as an organization they do answer the emails I send them quickly.

The first one was over the summer. I emailed The Mets to complain about one of their parking lot supervisors and the way he talked to me when I called him out on doing something shady with the parking. I went to NYMETS.COM, looked up where it said contact me and after a few prompts emailed away my complaint. 

In the email they ask for your phone number and e-mail address. Now I figured it would be a few days before I received a form letter e-mail saying they were sorry yadda yadda yadda. 

To my surprise, the head of the parking department called me up two hours afterI sent the complaint. He asked for all the info about which lot it happened in, the description of the worker, and what was said to me. 

I was offered his cell phone number to call him the next game I was at for VIP parking to make up for
the incident. I said thank you to him but also that I would never use it because I didn't e-mail for the sake of a freebie.  I just wanted to let the Mets know what kind of people they hired.

In the mail, I received my renewal invoice for the seats I had at Cit Field last year. I was in left field and I couldn't see the left fielder at all. That did not bother me too much believe it or not. I was actually pretty happy with my seats. I decided though that I wanted to treat myself to an upgrade. But alas, on the renewal invoice there are no options to upgrade. So I went and contacted the Mets through e-mail again. Two hours later I got a phone call. 

A cheery woman from the ticket office called me to let me know that she put in a request for me to have an upgrade for my seats but can not upgrade me until after December 18th. She said best thing for me to do is re-up my seats and then call them again after the 18th about the upgrade or someone from the office would call me up.If i get the upgrade they will charge me for the difference in ticket prices.

For me that works out pretty good. I am not displeased with my seats, so if i happen not to get the upgrade I will still be ok with the seats I already have.

Maybe if fans start to email the Mets about the things that are wrong with the ball park or jerseys things might actually get changed. I am going to e-mail the Mets to see if they can go really retro with their jerseys. Maybe turn the black jerseys to an ashen grey with orange piping. Yeah I know. That makes as much sense as the new "natural" colored home jersey with the retro black drop shading.

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