Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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My 15 Game Plan Renewal Arrived - 5.6% Decrease

Dan Twohig, Mets Police Detective

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I just got my renewal letter and invoice from the Mets. Here are the low lights:
  • "Saturday" and "Sunday" plans have been renamed to "Saturday-Plus" and "Sunday-Plus" plans (as have the Friday and Weekend plans). We've only been pointing this out for the last year!
  • Five weekday games are still part of every plan
  • My seats were for the Weekday-Plus Plan in Promenade Reserve Infield. They reduced my seats by $20 each for the full plan - a 5.6% decrease over last season
  • There is no offer or mention of upgrading my seat selection
  • Full payment is due by December 18th. HOWEVER, if you want to split your payments they are now allowing you to do that if you pay online via credit card.
  • Included with the invoice was a photo copy of the 2010 schedule.
Will post the full plans soon

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