Sunday, November 22, 2009

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My Reaction To The New Items At Citi Field

I'm actually writing this on Saturday about five minutes after learning about the changes at Citi Field and I have to tell you I'm ecstatic...but I wanted the news to stay at the top of the blog through Saturday so I've held my comments until now.

I'm happy for the fans.  We win one.  They finally listened to us.

I'm happy for the organization.   The franchise will be better for it.

I'm thankful that maybe in some small way the community we've built here at Mets Police may have contributed in some small way to the changes.   It's more than just one loudmouth popping off, it's the comments and guest posts that you send.  It's the answers to the 5 Questions that I've been posting and will continue to post (notice how many of the responses talk about franchise history).  That's you being heard by Flushing, not just one annoying blogger.  For that, I thank you for your participation and thank the bigger sites (Metsblog and Amazin' Avenue to name two) for sending people over here, especially in the early days.

I'm happy to see someone like Howie Rose on the committee.   Even though he figured out a way to work with the Mets, he's a fan.  You hear it in his voice.  What a long way we've come from the Mets putting a half hour Todd Kalas buffer between the game and Howie....Howie ruffled a few feathers when he hosted Mets Extra.

I'm even happy with David Howard today.  I've made him my villain since I've started, and not for no reason - that plexiglass is stlll there - but this quote suggests someone who is paying attention to customers:

"These additions amplify our commitment to better recognize our team's heritage and honor the players and memories our fans cherish," said Howard. "Ownership is acting upon our fans' desire to see more Mets around the ballpark. We hear our fans loud and clear and these additions continue the process that started last season."

Maybe it is possible to have influence from the basement.   Here's an article from June suggesting the Mets add player baners (albeit inside).  Another from July asking for a prominent Hall of Fame and sharing what Atlanta did with theirs.  Mets Police is far from the only place these ideas were floated but when you spend every day writing about how a team should embrace's hard not to be excited.

Now maybe Old-Timer's Day returns.   Banner Day.   Maybe a #17 goes up on that fence.  Mets Police will be here continuing to push for those.

The goal of this site continues to be to to encourage the Mets to win the World Series, with honor, while nicely dressed.  We'll learn more about that (at least the attire part) by the end of the month.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this community.  It's nice to have one less thing to complain about.

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