Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Official New Mets Uniform Announcement


This just in....will comment when I come up for air.

The Mets new pinstripe home jersey. METS TO WEAR NEW PINSTRIPE HOME UNIFORM IN 2010
The New York Mets today announced they will wear a new pinstripe home uniform next season inspired by the early years of the franchise. The design combines new and old elements of Mets uniforms. The Mets created the retro uniform following research and positive responses to the jerseys the 1969 World Champion Mets wore during their 40th anniversary celebration in August.

The natural color and pinstripes were staples of the original Mets uniform when the team debuted in 1962. The Mets will also continue to wear their white uniform at home with the black jerseys as an alternate.

The new pinstripe jerseys will go on sale this Friday, November 27 at mets.com <http://link.mlblists.com/r/BCF2RQ/P9NQH/AVGF/3V76CI/18PECQ/SN/h?a=partnerId=ed-3058086-108895568%26source=ed-3058086-108895568> . The jersey will also be available the same day at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field and will kick off the store's special Thanksgiving sale.

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Mark Healey said :
November 24, 2009 at 12:35 PM
As per the usual, the Mets have taken their good intentions and fumbled them on delivery.

The decision to issue a "retro" jersey eliminates the real pinstriped uniform.

The use of the drop shadow (and continued usage of black as a team color) negates the "retro" feel of the jersey, and ensures that the black and blue hat will continue to be worn at home.

The Mets fan, desperate for anything connecting to its beloved history -- a history long-ignored and always awkward and forced relationship with ownership -- will buy this jersey.

This will ensure some sort of suit-speak comment
like, The sales figures support our decision to create synergy between the team's history and the current fan base."

The review from this Mets fan? Zero stars. If you're going to make a statement, do it right or don't do it at all.

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