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Reader Comments: Unis, McCartney, Sheppard


Some good stuff came in last night once everyone was done with turkey...

Student of The Game has left a new comment on your post "McCartney At Citi Field On TV Tonight":

Gotta love Time Warner. Official description on the guide: "The singer performs some of his favorite songs at Shea Stadium in Queens."

That's awesome.   I noticed the Daily News float in the parade mentioned "Shea Stadium."   My kid pointed out the float was just guys in Yankees uniforms.

John has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform": 

Black = a punk, ghetto, gangsta, thug, HORRIBLE image.

Get rid of the black ANYWHERE on the unis and hats and STOP with the frigging Dodgers look.

Get rid of the Robinson shrine. Dump the name "Robinson Rotunda" and honor great M E T S players. You two dopey Wilpons have to come to an understanding that the Dodgers JILTED you 50 years ago and left you with a set of blueballs that lasted 5 long years and get over it.

Get RID of the GREEN seats. The only reason I can think of for the green seats is taht Ebbitts frigging field must have had green seats.

I hate the way the Wilpons have tried to turn thew look of this team into the Dodgers.

Pinstripes should be worn at home for at least 70 of the 81 games. Grey on the road with block style "NEW YORK" blue trimmed in orange. If you must have an alternative jersey, do like the Indians do and go sleeveless and put "Mr Met" or interlocking NYM on the left chest with player # on the right. If need be go with the old Oakland A's sleveless look in combinations of white/blue/orange.

NEVER mix/match pinstripes pants with solid jerseys

and Finally Wilpons, GET RID of the stupid looking batting helmuts they started wearing a few years ago.

SOME of us actually were around from the jump beginning with game ONE at AL Lang Field in St Petersburgh in 1962 and despise what you have done to the traditional look of the team. 

I don't see them ripping out 50,000 green seats until the 2040's.  I think we have to live with that one.  That's awesome that you go back to that first game, and also interesting to me that you clearly don't care about former NYC NL teams...Fred needs to let that go.

Jay has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform":

I LOVED the black jerseys when they came out in 1998. I immediately purchased the jersey when I was a senior in college. However, the old colors, just blue and orange, are so wonderful now (I always wear my racing stripe Seaver jersey) that I would have LOVED this retro jersey if they went without the black shadow. In fact, I agree, lets go back to no black. 

So is that a 1983 Seaver?  Kinda cool.

David has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform": 

As usual, the Mets STILL can't get it right.

SNY played the 4 games the Mets won in the 1969 WS once again. Games 3-4-5 are in color. There's the uniform the Mets NEED to go back to. Simple. Unadorned. Like the team in the Bronx, whose home uniforms really haven't changed much since they put numbers on them 80 years ago. And they don't seem to have a marketing problem; that version of the interlocking NY is seen all over the world. Why do the METS have to do a minor league move yet again?
PS - Also seen today as part of a family film festival, The Odd Couple, which in its movie version is all full of Mets and Shea Stadium.

Look for the pictures of Mets on the walls of Oscar Madison's apartment, including L.P. Berra.
"A triple play, Madison and you missed it!" 

There's a Met Yogi on the wall?  Really?  Will check that out.

DyHrdMET has left a new comment on your post "Bob Sheppard Has Retired":

If Yankee Stadium (1923-2008) was baseball's cathedral, then Bob Sheppard was the voice of God. 

ceetar has left a new comment on your post "Court Upholds Willets Point Redevelopment Plan (Ti...":

I'm really looking forward to having nightlife around Citi Field. I think the bullpen entrance is a really cool area, and is lost because of the dumpy area back there. What would be better than a pennant race game in September, filing out of Citi Field after a win and watching the competition lose ina roaring bar full of Mets fans afterwards?

I'd love if the Islanders moved there. I think I might even be leaning towards hoping for that over the lighthouse project these days.

You're right, that bullpen entrance deserves better.  Maybe the Islander fans can wave at the real Apple.

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1 Response to "Reader Comments: Unis, McCartney, Sheppard"
David said :
November 27, 2009 at 8:20 PM
Wish I had screen shots, but in the "Odd Couple" movie the two Mets pix closest to the kitchen door, the top one is Yogi.
PS: The blog is even better since the upgrade. Still need to see your updated link to Faith and Fear in Flushing - they had a great take on the uniform nonsense, too.

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