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The Real Cost of a 15-Game Plan - It Doesn't Add Up

Dan Twohig, Mets Police Detective


I've been thinking a bit more about the 15 game plans the Mets have in place for next season. First off, I will admit that this past season I had two 15 game plans - the "Sunday Plan" and the "Weekday Plan."

Like many (including Shannon) the only reason I purchased the Weekday Plan was to get an Opening Night ticket. My seat was horrible and the schedule (and team) really didn't thrill me. I ended up never using any tickets from that plan.

On the other hand, I used more than half the tickets from the Sunday Plan - going to maybe 10 games in total. Still, that was 5 games wasted.

So last year I paid for 30 games and went to 10. Yeah, call me a sucker.

This year I already knew I wasn't going to get the Weekday Plan. Fool me once.....
The Sunday-PLUS Plan though I was trying to keep an open mind about. But realistically, I know I am not going to go to most, if not all of the weekday games in the plan. And I will probably miss at least 1 of the Sunday games. Looking at the real cost then of these plans - and using the tiered ticket pricing that the Wilpons love - here is what it looks like

Game Attend? Category PROM RES
Wed. 4/7 Marlins
V $ 11.00
Sun. 4/11 Nationals Y B $ 15.00
Sun. 4/25 Braves Y S $ 19.00
Sun. 5/23 Yankees Y P $ 27.00
Thu. 5/27 Phillies Y S $ 19.00
Sun. 6/6 Marlins
S $ 19.00
Sun. 6/27 Twins Y G $ 23.00
Sun. 7/11 Braves Y G $ 23.00
Wed. 7/28 Cardinals
S $ 19.00
Sun. 8/15 Phillies Y G $ 23.00
Thu. 8/26 Marlins
S $ 19.00
Sun. 9/12 Phillies Y G $ 23.00
Thu. 9/16 Pirates
V $ 11.00
Sun. 9/19 Braves Y G $ 23.00
Sun. 10/3 Nationals
S $ 19.00

Plan Cost
$ 293.00

Individual Ticket Cost
$ 195.00

Loss $ 98.00

he fact that the Mets don't offer any incentive to purchase in bulk (like just about EVERY other sports team in the world does) makes this even more ridiculous.

Obviously I won't be renewing. The math just doesn't add up.

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1 Response to "The Real Cost of a 15-Game Plan - It Doesn't Add Up"
ceetar said :
November 25, 2009 at 8:50 PM
Honestly, the math has never added up. There is a small postseason option, in which they've choked away more times than not, but if you're going to miss a game or two, that money lost buys that postseason ticket on stubhub, so why bother? Buy individual games. Buy them in Feb and you usually have your pick of seats before they get booked up, and often you can get better seats than plans, because they block out areas for that.

Especially with a new park. The #1 reason (ok, #2, 1 was I won't spend that money on views i haven't seen, so many people got 'tricked' by this.) i didn't buy tickets last year is because I didn't want to sit in th same place every game, I wanted to take in different angles. I sat Pepsi Porch, LF Reserved, Prom Infield and was nice to see the park from different angles and figure out what i like best. All these seats were reasonably affordable as well.

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