Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Some Fan-Designed Alternate New York Mets Uniforms

Here's a guest post from Walter...talk about knocking it out of the park!  My thoughts at the end.

After the Twins debuted their new uniforms last week, and all the chatter about the mets making changes I decided to mess around a little. And it got out of hand…lol.
Of course some are ridiculous, but, once started I had to finish.

You’ll be happy to know I have not used any drop shadowing. I included a variety of stirrups.

·        Home:
o       Classic pins: No real changes to the pinstripes (wish they wore them more) other than color. I based the color off of the Twins new crème set, but lightened it just a bit.
o       Whites: OK, not really white anymore. I based off of San Fran’s and the Phillies shade of crème, and again lightened it a little. Modified the sleeve piping in homage to the early 80’s sleeve cuffs (pre-racing stripe), used triple piping, orange/blue/orange. I also show a variant of the pants with the same triple piping along the seams.
o       Blue home jersey: Patterned after the home whites, with Orange logo w/white border and orange piping, except the sleeve piping, used the Or/Bl/Or piping again.
o       Blue/Orange pins: Yes, looks as bad as it sounds.
o       Orange home jersey: Just to damn bright (I started an Orange/Blue pins, but had to stop)
o       Blue hat (no orange button)

·        Road:
o       Classic Road Grey: No changes other than the triple sleeve piping. Also included a triple seam piping variant on the road pants.
o       Road Blue: essentially the same as Home, but with the classic “NEW YORK”
o       Road Black: I know you hate the black, but it isn’t going away. At least I only included it for the road.
o       Orange/White border: has a way to San Fran feel (better not let the Wilpons see it)
o       Blue/Orange border: best looking of the three to me
o       Blue/White border: basically the old black road jersey without the orange as the drop shadow. Does have a bit of a Dodger feel to it (really need to keep it away from the Wilpons)
o       Blue hat
o       Black Road hat: never worn at home. I actually used the Blue w/orange logo from the two-tone hat instead of the current blue w/white border & orange drop shadow

I would have liked to have not used the Black Mets Logo sleeve patch, but, changing that is a bit beyond my current skill set.

Nice job!   As regular readers know I hate the black...but if the Mets insist on black it pairs up better with orange than blue.  At least you can see the letters if they are orange.

I like those blue alternate road jerseys (again if there must be alternates at all).  I'd even take an orange top over a black.  I worry about blue with pinstripes.

Great great job on banging these out.   Comments?

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