Thursday, December 10, 2009

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And Applauding The New York Mets When They Are Cool...


So when I started this site I tacked on the snarky slogan "calling the Mets (and frankly anyone else) on the carpet for the stupid things they do." At various times I've added "with love" to comes and goes depending on what I do when I tinker with the code.

Well, the flip-side of that is passing along compliments when the Mets are cool.

My friend, tonight I tell you I'm in a great mood because the Mets are cool.

I'm tremendously excited about tomorrow morning's leadoff post. If you're a new reader that has discovered the site because of what I think will be a much talked about article (and thus this is the second ever article you're reading), welcome. We're Mets fans like you, grumpy at times, but we just want the team to win (while not dressed like a softball team). I hope you visit a few times and you'll quickly get the vibe. Welcome and please join in on the discussion. I do moderate comments so that the tone stays constructive and I try to minimize the cursing.

For the regulars, tomorrow will be a little different around here. It's a strong leadoff piece, and right now circa 8pm Friday night the plan is to let the article stand at the top of the page for most of the day (plus or minus a free agent signing or Tom Seaver unretiring). I'm on a plane in the morning so I'll disappear for a while. If your comment goes unmoderated for a while that's why. If you sent something in and I said it would be up Friday, I have decided to hold it so this article stays up top.

The article goes live at 8am, it is very very interesting. It is fair. Dan, who wrote it, even talked with the Mets about it today. My understanding is that Dave Howard read it. Dan and I liked what came out of it.

Whether it's this site, or one of the many other wonderful blogs out there, tonight I have a sense that Mets fans are being heard. That's a good thing for everyone.

I know I'm really pre-selling this one, I think it's that cool. We held it because we didn't want it to get swallowed by the winter meetings. We are going forward tomorrow because we can't wait to share....and unless Dan makes a late night edit I'm not expected, there's a piece of really cool news in there.

If you have a blog or heck a newspaper column, feel encouraged to grab whatever you want..excerpt as much as you'd like. This one is good for everybody. 8am Friday.

So here's the know that letter Dan wrote?

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