Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Checking In On Yankees Grass


While the fact that there is "Yankees grass" isn't really need to experience the marketing.  By the way, this falls into the "if the Mets did this...." category.

For the fan and lawn enthusiast we offer you Yankees Grass Seed™. In these bags, you will find the same grass seed that is used to grow Yankees Sod™, a proprietary blend of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. This one-of-a-kind mixture was selected specifically for the Inaugural Season at Yankee Stadium™ because of its special growing characteristics and unparalleled performance capabilities. Now Yankees Grass Seed™ can be incorporated into your existing lawn or used to grow a brand new lawn.

For decades, baseball fans have revered the grass at Yankee Stadium. The field is a special place for those few who are fortunate enough to wear the uniform. But for everyone else, even fans who tour the Stadium, the grass is off-limits.

So how did it all start? In the Spring of 2007, DeLea Sod Farms planted three varieties of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass on a special 80 acre farm in Southern New Jersey. 

With 15 of these 80 acres under contract for the Yankees, that left 65 acres of the same grass available for you. And, with the help of Major League Baseball Properties Licensing team, Authentic Yankees Sod™ was born. 

Buy some here!

You know, I started out wanting to goof on this, now I wish I had thought of it.  Maybe I will go into the Plexiglass business.   Are you tired of your neighbor looking directly into your yard, now with traditional Citiglass you can experience the joy of obstructing views....hmmm lemme call Dave Howard.

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Kris said :
December 21, 2009 at 10:23 AM
Yankees grass? I think I'll stick to my tall fescue from

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