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Cool New York Mets Blogs To Check Out


Merry Christmas!

Since holiday web traffic is usually light, it's a good day to rerun the Cool Links list...mostly Mets sites, but a few other things you may find to be pretty cool.  It's a mix of big sites, small sites, sites tied to traditional media.   Since Mets Police has started we've gotten a few links from bigger sites which were and are tremendously appreciated...and as Mets Police gets bigger I'm happy to help anyone that we can.
In no particular order and with apologies in advance of I leave off anyone who has been good to us....(new additions for December up top).

Mitchell and Ness:  I like uniform stuff, and Mitchell and Ness does lots of throwback related material.

Fitted Hawaii:  say you have a blog and need some generic content.  Pop on over to Fitted Hawaii and see what's new in custom caps.

Hat Junkies:  I really shouldn't give away all my secrets, but it's a good source for a "no ideas today" day.

Real Dirty:  another blog where the name tells you what it will be.  The Real Dirty Mets blog is on the high side of feisty,  but they mentioned Rusty Staub the other day so how can you not love them?

Mets Walkoffs and Other Minutiae:  I love this site.  I've never met this guy but he's always good to get back to me quickly when I need information like "How many times did John Pacella's hat fall off in that game against the Pirates?"   One Friday it was a list of 99 players who played for the Mets and Red Sox.  Every time I go there I wonder, "Who knows this stuff?"

Paul's Random Stuff:  cards, Mets and well random stuff.

Centerfield Maz.  Maz writes what my friend Tony used to call "scorecard stories."   Maz is more likely to post about the day Ed Kranepool went two for four than he is about last night's game.   Good retro site that lets us borrow entire articles when we can't think of anything to write....or when faking-the-blog on a holiday weekend.

Mets Blog; you probably know about this one.  The biggest one, the grandaddy of them all, and with ties to SNY a good source of official information without being propaganda the way is   I've become a fan of "the least you should know" which is a quicky game recap that will let you bluff some water cooler talk with your friends if you missed the game.

Amazin' Avenue is another biggie.   I'm a big fan of their daily Applesauce links, and if you're lucky enough to get them to link to your blog on Applesauce you see your traffic go way up.

Always Amazin'  is the Mets blog on    A nice mix of news, opinion and a healthy dose of links.  I'll bet if you live east of the Hudson that this is off your radar.  Bookmark it.

The Kranepool Society.  Another biggie that will move the numbers if they link to you.  Plus they know who Ed Kranepool is, which should be one of the questions you need to answer to enter Citi Field.

Uni Watch.   If you like our complaining about uniforms, this takes it to an entirely different level.

Deadspin:  it's like Gawker for sports but they've been KILLING the Mets lately so I'm back into them.

New Stadium Insider - I really like this blog, but it seems as if Ross who writes it has gotten busier with real life (which I can understand).    Some people have called NSI the "cousins" to the MP.  They write about the same kinds of things that we do (just Yankees-centric) like obstructed seats and annoying owners.   Even if you don't care about the Yankees it is worth visiting them every day.   Extra credit for live-streaming video from the Citi Field exhibition games.

It Is High It Is Far It Is Caught:  a really fun site that likes to mock John Sterling.  I particularly like when they dissect Sterling's analysis along the lines of "that's why you play the game."  I hope some day that this site will be so big that people will nitpick "Shannon must have had nothing, he went back to complaining about black uniforms."

Mets Guy In Michigan:  the name says it all.  Michigan doesn't write every day, but I enjoy when he does.  Just a fan writing about being a fan.

Checked Swing:  "A Frequently Irreverent Look At Baseball From A British Fan."  Thomas is a frequent commenter here on MP and knows his stuff.

Faith and Fear In Flushing.   He got a book deal.  That alone deserves respect.

Never Forget 69     A nice back and forth of a recap from the most recent '09 game and the same-date game in 1969.

The 'Ropolitans. Oh to be young again.  Steady content from a guy who I think is still in college.  Often live blogs the weekday day games which is fun while at work.

On The Black   He's promised me he's changing the color scheme, but I've linked to his videos in the past.

Section Six: is pretty upset about the LF overhang.   I like miltant Mets fans.

Remembering Shea: thorough site from a die-hard.   Keeps up on the other blogs a little better than I do (darn "real job.")

Subway Squawkers:  A Mets fan and a Yankees fan fight.  'Nuff said!

Phil Mushnick The granddaddy of complaining and calling people on the carpet.   Our hero.  Even was the first one to complain about black uniforms, well before the Mets had their own.

Neil Best  writes "Watchdog" for Newsday.  Great blog now hopeless trapped behind the Berlin Wall of Pay Sites.

Bitter Bill: one of the sports blogs on the Daily News website.  Bill has a good tone that's a mix of "Joe Fan" and professional sports-writing.  Anyone who calls Jeremy Reed "Baba Booey" is riding the fence just right.  Bill writes as if he is one blown save from killing himself.

NY Post Mets Blog  it gets confusing sometimes because google lists the Post's site as mets blog (not to be confused with the Mets Blog mentioned above) but there's good stuff in here all the time.

LoHud Yankees Blog - probably the "Mets Blog" of Yankeedom.

Scott Proctor's Arm .   Another Yankees blog...but another blog that posts obstructed views, so I dig it.
Again, apologies in advance.  I probably left someone out.  If you'd like to be included next time hit me up at

Sliding Into Home:  has been doing a great job with Yankee Stadium (1976) photos.  Sad but compelling.

I often accidentally diss someone when I do this article, so if you'd like to be linked shoot me a note at    The wife and kids don't really get it when I yell "I'm trying to blog!!!" but I know you do.

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