Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #54)


Next up for the 5 Questions is Steve.

When did you first become a fan?

1. Last week of 1985 season. I was about 13 and had never had an interest in sports but something clicked. No idea why still. I’ll have to rewatch that Cardinals series someday. I’m betting it was Strawberry.

Favorite memory?

2. So many good ones from 99-2000 and of course the 80’s. Game 5 of the 2000 NLCS was like the most fun though. It was just a relaxing hang out blowout with the world series so close. Great party.

Least favorite memory?

3. The last game at Shea was pretty miserable, so was the Castillo game this season, I was there. I’ll go with clanging a ball I threw to Keith Hernandez off the press box fa├žade at Shea. I was mortified.

If you could change one off-field thing...

4. The way the franchise interacts with its fans. It’s hard enough to root for billionaires and millionaires. It would be nice to see some compassion for the fans from time to time. Also, some class.

If you owned the team...

5. I’d bring back Bobby, I don’t think Manuel is awful, but I think Bobby may be the best manager they ever had, with respect to Davey and Gil 

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