Friday, December 11, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #55)

Continuing our series Five Questions For An Average Mets's Eric.

When did you become a fan?
1.  1984

Favorite memory?
2.a.  Watching game 6 on my 3" black and white TV alarm clock radio with an earphone in my room as my dad went crazy downstairs.
2.b.  Getting to game 5 of the 86 nlcs just in time to see my first postseason pitch in person go over the fence & watch the straw man round the bases after going deep off of Nolan Ryan.  Doc went 10 & gave up only 1 against the west champs, & Mr. Carter sent the Shea faithful home happy in xtra frames.  The next day was pretty cool too.

Worst memory?
3.  game 7 1988 nlcs.  Hojo takes strike 3... ouch!  Poor Ron is still haunted to this day.

One off-field thing you would change?
4.  Develop the farm system.  Think about '86.  Big time free agents Keith & Gary, but lots of home grown talent got it done.  Doc, Straw, Mookie, Lenny, Wally, Mitchell, McDowell, Aguilera...

If you owned the team...
5.  Retire 17 already.  Lima time? PU-LEEEEEASE!!!

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1 Response to "Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #55)"
G-MONEY said :
December 11, 2009 at 11:05 PM
Keith and Gary were acuired via trade, not as free agnets

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