Monday, December 21, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #65)

Today's average Mets fan is John.

When did you first become a fan?

1. I guess it was around 1983 or so as a ten year old.  The first memory I have is them being in last place but Kelvin Chapman hitting a grand slam to left and going crazy.

Favorite Mets memory?

2. This one is easy.  I was at game 6 of the World Series in 86 in the upper deck down the right field line.  I remember in the 10th my brother and his friends making fun of people that were leaving with two outs.

Worst memory?

3. This would probably be finding out that Dwight Gooden was a drug addict.  He was my hero as a kid and just seemed flawless.  I wanted to pitch just like him.  Then to find out all that stuff and to watch his decline just killed it all for me.

One off-field thing you would change?

4. I would change where they play so I could get to see them more.  It's like $14 just in tolls and over an hour just to get to a game.

If you owned the team?

5.If I owned them now the first thing I would change is the ticket prices for next year.  The team is one of the top valued organizations every year and turn in a stinker like last year and still charge what they do?  I would take a hit for a year to show people they deserve more for their buck and we know it.

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