Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #70)

We're up to average fan's Mike.

When did you become a fan?

1968 because of an older brother who was devout Mets fan

Favorite memory?

A) 1987 Opening Daysitting in the upper deck, first row; watching the ring ceremony on the field and on the video board, and when Keith gothis ring, he looks at it, looks straight ahead, leans his head slightly to the left (of course), forms the okay sign with his right hand, and smiles.

B) 1986 at a bar in Uniondale, watching game six; everybody saying its over; Im telling them No, it isntI feel it. I look up, and say If you give me this one, I wont ask for another, then the ball gets behind Buckner. 

Worst memory?
Game 7 of 1988 NLCS; sorry Darling

One off-field thing you would change?
Ownership, and Id have kept Shea

If you became the owner, what's the first thing you would change.
The name on the stadium

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