Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Mets player of the decade: David Wright


Yesterday I named my list for the Top Mets of the Decade and even go away with naming Steve Phillips as GM without getting beat up in the parking it's time for my top player of the decade and it is....

David is everything we want as fans.  He's ours.  He's a Met and came up through "our" system (like many fans I think I'm either on the team or own it).

He has a chance to be the Chosen One.  The one who plays his entire career as a Met, and then we hang a 5 on the wall.   Hopefully he'll get a ring or two or 10.

As for on-the-field, he's in the top 5 in all the meaningful categories, and at the top for several of them.

The fans love him, and he's gracious with the fans.  Even in 2009 he stuck it out there alone for as long as he could.   Hopefully in 2019 when I do this again I will write down the same name.

Other considerations....Mike Piazza, but since his Mets career was split in two decades he loses out in this scenario.  Jose Reyes could be considered for all the same reasons as Wright, but I feel Wright has been the better player.  I've said many times, and made people ticked at me many times, that I think Jose could do more with his talent and become a smarter player.  I do hope that Jose and David are both on their way to the Hall and play next to each other for years and years.   The franchise could use that.  

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1 Response to "Mets player of the decade: David Wright"
kjs said :
December 23, 2009 at 12:08 PM
Love DWright (albeit he started running AWAY from balls hit to him last year---none too good for a Franchise Player). Hope he can find his form again. But the Mets run on Jose Reyes' energy. He invented the "Reyes Run," dearly missed throughout 2009. Reyes has taken a lot of abuse. He's slumped late into the season because he's never spelled during the 162-game season. They finally got Cora to back him up, but that became moot rather fast...

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