Monday, December 21, 2009

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Mets Yearbook 1975


I just finished watching Mets Yearbook: 1975 and I think it's my favorite so far.  Here's what I learned from the film...

Tom Seaver is on his way to the Hall of Fame.  They even say it in the film when he records his 2,000th strikeout.  Tom is hopeful that he will get to 3,000.

Mike Vail will be the RFer for years to come.  That makes sense since he hit .302 as a rookie.  It's not like they are going to just waive him after the 1977 season.

Someone named Roy Staiger will be pushing Torre for playing time at third.

Jerry Koosman had 2 saves.

The Mets have high hopes for this Craig Swan kid.

Actually surprising to me was how cool Kingman seemed.   I know him to have a surly reputation, but gosh golly if you watch this one he's so excited to be a Met and he's cute with the kids in the film (really, a rare non-sarcastic sentence).

The Mets had something called "Old Timer's Day" which is odd for a franchise that was only 13 years old since they can't possibly have it now.

There was also something called "Banner Night" - I wonder what that was about.

There was Free Milk Day - but I don't think it was called that.

Remember Batting Helmet giveaways?

For those of you who hate the Blue Cap Army, check the film.  No blue caps in the stands even in '75.

In the film, John Stearns makes one of the greatest plays you'll ever see.

There's about two seconds of video of Lady Met!  So we know she made it until at least '75...there's also video of the real Mr. Met not the modern day swishy version.

There's a good shot of the old scoreboard sucking.  I don't know how to explain it, but they used to have to put up one character at a time, like you would do on Asteroids (and even that's a 30 year old reference) kinda like when you have to tap a number three times on your cell to get a letter (oh wait that's a 10 year old reference) kids just trust me it sucked...anyway they wanted to flash DAVE by putting up a bunch of solid squares but there's a 2 in the middle of one of the letters.   If you have any idea what I'm talking about you can picture it.

Joe Frazier will be leading this team to great heights in 1976.

Oh yeah, blue pinstriped uniforms with no names on the back look awesome.   Check out Seaver's surprisingly short right sleeve (with the blue undershirt).

Boy that was fun.  All 5 episodes are on in the next two weeks so set the DVRs.  I haven't watched 63 or 68 yet.

SNY please show these during rain delays instead of a ridiculous quiz show nobody cares about.   Nobody.

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