Thursday, December 24, 2009

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New York Mets ticket office: working Christmas Eve but not communicating


Quick note:  Mets Police is more or less operating normally through today and if you're not celebrating, or just want to escape your family and surf the 'net we'll be here.

Two emails this morning from The Media Goon.  Goon has already renewed his tickets and asked for an upgrade.  The Mets have told him he has to wait before being allowed to spend more money.   Really?  Here's Goon:

The Mets ticket office just called to ask me if i was renewing for next year. I told them I was probably in the minority of people that actually renewed and more then likely only person who asked for an upgrade too. I then go to him its really bad when your calling everyone to make sure they renew, even the people that already have. I won't know about my upgrade till 1st week of Janurary becaue of the DEC 31st deadline

Don't they check you off some list once you do pay?

But wait there's more...

Someone else from the ticket office just called me..Told me they havent forgotten about my request for an upgrade. He is the one that handles all the sunday plans so he will be calling me back in the 1st wave of calls after Dec 31st about upgrading.

That's good that they called him back.  I'm kind of surprised the tix office is working today.   Why make this guy wait, he wants to spend money - it's not like they won't have any seats available.   Maybe they want to make sure he gets a good upgrade, and it's actually in his favor?

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