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Vaccaro on "Bad Fan" and Mets fan frustrations


Here's the money quote from Mike Vaccaro in today's Post.

I have a longtime friend who would qualify as one of the most fiercely loyal Mets fans anywhere, a guy who works within the New York sporting community, and even he’s thinking of not renewing.

And believe me when I say this: This guy not buying Mets tickets is the sporting equivalent to LBJ losing Walter Cronkite on Vietnam.

That's about a different guy, not Albert - although Albert's story is referenced.   Mike wrote a nice long piece about being a Mets fan here in the waning days in 2009 and if you dig this site it's definitely up your alley.

This isn't just a one-dopey-blog story now.  Now the story made it to the Post.  From there it could make it to WFAN on a slow news day.   Yes the Mets already issued a statement.  Yes I think it was just a poor outing by one representative and not indicative of how everyone in Flushing thinks...but this one ticket rep was able to be "the Mets" and now it is known that "the Mets" insulted a fan, apology or not.

For you the fan, it's going to take a while but we can help change things for the better.   Albert got his apology.  The Mets sent Mets Police the statement.  Glad we could help Albert in some way.   Again I'll remind you, my goal is not to be Mets Enemy, it's to encourage honor and tradition for the franchise.  Treating the fans with respect is part of that honor.  The Mets can't afford to have one representative making the organization look bad.  If you've ever worked in corporate America would it surprise you if there's an internal email going around Flushing today reminding everyone to stay on message?

Read that Vaccaro statement again.  For you kids that don't know what a Cronkite is - I'll translate.   You know how John Stewart goes after someone until they finally show up on his's that on steroids, and cost LBJ the presidency to the point that he didn't even try to run for reelection.   If you are losing the type of fan who is passionate enough to make a big deal about it and reach out to various media (old and new), and if you are losing the sports insiders, think of all the casual fans you are losing too.   Not good.

I'll leave you with more Vaccaro, you definitely want to read his article.

And the Mets ponder their next trip to baseball’s version of Costco, hoping for cut-rate deals while still charging their fans top dollar, selling them on the coming magic of Ryota Igarashi, asking for their trust and their patience.
How dare they.

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1 Response to "Vaccaro on "Bad Fan" and Mets fan frustrations"
G-MONEY said :
December 23, 2009 at 8:59 AM
Wow, that's some story Mets Police! Excellent work! Where were you guys when Randomowski was handing out steroids like lollipops in the clubhouse? :) I especially like the history lesson! Stewart compared to Cronkite, that's awesome!

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