Thursday, January 07, 2010

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Bay Shirts and a Phillies Cruise


Some quickies...

Corey (who knows) says:

Jason Bay Name & Number Tee's will be at Modell's Sporting Goods tomorrow by noon.
Sizes S-XXL
Men’s 17.99
Kids’ 15.99 

Hopefully they are in the window when I walk by so I can snap some pictures.

Next topic:  The Phillies are having a cruise.  My inclination was to do my usual and whine that the Mets should do cool things like this.  Fortunately I read before I typed:

Joining us on board will be JC RomeroShane VictorinoRyan MadsonMatt Stairs, the Phanatic, former Phillie Greg "The Bull" Luzinski and broadcaster Scott Palmer. 

Let's translate that to Flushingese:

Joining us on board will be the Japanese J.J. Putz (I should learn his name), Jeff Francouer, Tim Redding, Mr. Met, Garry Sheffield, former Met Rusty Staub and broadcaster Howie Rose.
I'd love to get some quality time in with Howie, but I don't know about investing in a cruise with this lot.  I'm glad we don't have a Mets cruise.  A fan-fest in 2011 would be a good idea.

That reminds me, can anyone tell me what 1,962 plus 50 is?  I just want to bring that up now and then while it's early in case some folks are not paying attention.

If the Philly Cruise fan discovered I linked, I wish you no harm sir.  You've kicked our ass three times and you have a nice site and slideshow.  I just don't want to go on a Mets cruise.

Tomorrow on Mets Police:

  • One of my better rants about a certain day that involved banners.  That's the leadoff, and I think I'm mad at Dave Howard again and I might withdraw my man-date offer and see if Craig Marino will go instead.  Dave seemed kind of mean on TV when he had the Rangers press conference.
  • More ticket office observations.
  • Yogi Berra stuff
  • Alternate caps of course
  • A guest post 
  • and "some Mets news."   I have no idea what it is but I thought I'd "pull a Francesa" which is my new favorite phrase.  How's that Mets news for later this week coming Mike?
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