Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Catchup and Quickies: Beltran statement, Jay Horwitz, Home Run Derby idea


Carlos Beltran mustn't want me to watch Community tonight (taped it).   The latest is that Carlos has released a statement which includes:

I have done nothing but follow the directions of my doctors. Any accusations that I ignored or defied the team's wishes are simply false
So here's the recap.  The all-star CF is out, the CF is in a war of words with the team, the fans think the team is run by subpar management top to bottom, and John Ricco is not the chosen one of smooth speakers.

Over here, I'm back at Mets Police HQ.  It was tough to be out of town today with "other stuff to do" and right now I'm looking for a pillow.   Some quick catch-up and blog related stuff:

- to the guy who said "Japanese J.J. Putz" is a tired joke.  You are right.  I'll retire that one.

- Peter (king of Mets Police picture hookups) has sent over some shots from the fan gatherings at Citi Field this week.  Right now I think I will hold them to Monday until Beltrangate settles in.  Osh41 says he took some too, but as of 9pm he hasn't sent them.

-  John sent me a note about Jay Horwitz.  Jay's an interesting subject that I've been meaning to discuss for quite some time.  The media loves him.  Jay is VP of Media Relations which you should not confuse with Public Relations. I'd be curious to know what your opinion, as civilian non-media, of the state of the Mets relations with the media.  I'm not looking to bury the guy, you don't last this long in this town without being good...but that's a subject to look at.   From John's letter, "No one in the media (rightly so) would dare say anything about Jay Horowitz and his staff, but someone really has to question their ability to handle the Mets image in the media."   I think it's worth looking at, and I do want to hear your take.  Keep in mind that his job is Media Relations and it seems the media likes him.   As always, let's do this without name calling and try to have adult discussions.   I'll collect some reader opinions and post them when the current storyline ends, and I have to recap "5 greatest Mets" too.  

- spelling and pronunciation section.  Horwitz not Horowitz.   WFAN says they have confirmed Ricco is "Rick-o" not "Reek-o" or anything else we can make up.

-  in one of the comments Ceetar had a neat idea that I built upon.  I had the idea scheduled for leadoff tomorrow, but right now it's parked for sometime when it won't get swallowed by Beltrangate but as a teaser:  what about a Mets home run derby?  I think I have a winner for fans and it would not be time consuming for Mr. Howard to put together.  Let's talk about that when the dust settles. Right not I have nothing  (gasp!) scheduled for the morning.  I suspect I will wake up to news.

I'm sitting on a bunch of other things too, all fun stuff.  Seems like Beltran is the topic, so at least for the night we'll go there.  This time yesterday I was thinking "well, I guess I'll share those cool pictures of the commissioner's office."   Amazin' how the news cycle changes.

If you missed it this morning, I thought I was halfway decent on Mets' bigger problem: fans don't believe.

Thanks for the support and submissions.  

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