Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Dolan over Wilpon? Not for me

The awesome Mike Vaccaro today ranks the owner-nepotism of the NYC sports franchises, and ranks Jim Dolan over Jeff Wilpon.

Wow, are things that bad.   That's a pretty strong statement.  James Dolan has been ripped as a buffoon for years - and by the way how are the Knicks and Rangers doing this century - so far Mike to put Dolan ahead of Wilpon as an owner.  Uh oh.

Vaccaro is around the team.  I suppose he's met both men.  I've met neither, I'm in the Promenade like you, but from way up here where I can only see 8 players, Jim Dolan looks horrible.

Is Jeff worse than that?  Jeff's a young man, he isn't going anywhere any time soon.   I hope Vaccaro is wrong this time.

If you're interested in Jeff Wilpon's career as a pro baseball player, check this out.

Construction Update: at some point the site will look weird/lamer than usual/maybe not even have any content.  I'm working on a site redesign that will go in several stages starting with "just up and running with few graphics."  Could happen an hour from now or in a few days.  Waiting for two computer companies to shake hands.   Until then, I'll operate at the normal pace under this design.

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