Monday, January 04, 2010

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I want to go to a Mets game with David Howard


I want to go to a Mets game with EVP Dave Howard.

Stay with me: this isn't a sandbag.

I'm all about honor.  This isn't me throwing out an invitation so I can diss the man when it isn't accepted.   There's no reason whatsoever that Dave would attend a game with me.  There's no reason whatsoever he should even know that I want to go to a game with him, although plenty of folks in Flushing read the Mets Police.

So, Dave, if this makes it to your attention somehow I'd like to catch a game.

Here's the scenario:  a Saturday afternoon.  You, me, Mets Police Junior and whoever you want to bring (do you have kids?)

I'm not looking for a freebie.  I'll buy the tickets.

Let's sit up in the Promenade, not because I want to make you spend three hours listening to me talk about plexiglass but because that's where I normally sit.   In real life I'm much less annoying than I am on this site.  I believe in civilized behavior, so if you expect I'm just going to complain about the plexiglass or the uniforms, I'm not.  That's chop-busting on the website, not that I don't believe what I say but I probably don't need to whip out your quote three times a week.  This will be about two Mets fans watching a game.

We'll talk about the stuff guys talk about:  the Mets, our jobs, our families.  We'll have a beer, maybe two.  When Junior gets restless in the third inning we can take a walk - hit some shops, maybe grab a taco.  I can't wait on that Shake Shack line but I'm not going to condemn you for having a successful concession.

Maybe we should meet early and check out the new museum?  It seems like checking old Mets stuff would be a great icebreaker.

I'm sincere.  This isn't about talking your ear off.  This is about two Mets fans getting to know each other better.  That should be good for all.  Craig Marino knows how to reach Mets Police HQ, I hope to hear from you.  How does April 10th vs. Washington sound?

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