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A list of New York Mets traditions


On twitter @metspolice I asked anyone if they could think of Mets traditions.  I named the tradition of the team thanking the fans on Closing Day.  Here's some more...the wreath and the Apple (oh yeah, oops) are good ones.  So many of the traditions are no longer around.  SNY should create something called Kiner's Korner even if Ralph doesn't host it.  Maybe there are old tapes somewhere.

I think I like Tim's the best.

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  1. Charles HollonCMHollon 

    @metspolice I really cant think of any tradition. #metsfrom web in reply to metspolice

  2. Matthew MayerDfenseIndifrnce 

    @metspolice september collapsesfrom web in reply to metspolice

  3. Franco S.DonCheech 

    @metspolice RC Cola, LowenBraufrom TweetDeck

  4. metsfan73metsfan73 

    Mackey Sasser and the difficulty throwing back to the pitcher. Anthony Young losing...again and again and again...@metspolicefrom Power Twitter

  5. Charles HollonCMHollon 

    Ur exactly right RT @metspolice: @CMHollon nope I don't think they think 20 or even 1yr ahead. That's why 50yrs in we have zero tradition.from Echofon

  6. Charles HollonCMHollon 

    @metspolice 88 marked the end of an era and a downward spiral that sone say the franchise has yet to recoverfrom Echofon in reply to metspolice

  7. Stephen Keanekranepool 

    @metspolice Bordens milk coupons Banner Day Jane Javris and the Thomas Organfrom web in reply to metspolice

  8. Franco S.DonCheech 

    @metspolice K-Corner, Cone Heads, Lazy Mary, Curly Shufflefrom TweetDeck in reply to metspolice

  9. Stephen Keanekranepool 

    @metspolice your NY, NJ and Fairfield county Chrysler/Plymouth dealerfrom web in reply to metspolice

  10. kevgnyckevgnyc 

    RT @metspolice: Name a mets tradition. (#1 has to be the rising of the Apple!)from UberTwitter

  11. JDSection518 

    @metspolice Here's two more: The Happy Recap and Kiner's Korner.from TweetDeck

  12. Tim RyanTimRyan83 

    @metspolice Fireworks Night on, umm, a random Friday somewhere near the 4th of the Julyfrom web

  13. Tim RyanTimRyan83 

    @metspolice Luna Mezza Mare during the 7th inning stretchfrom web in reply to metspolice

  14. Mark HealeyBaseballDigest9 

    @metspolice Curly Shufflefrom web in reply to metspolice

  15. JDSection518 

    @metspolice Obviously, the Apple after a homer.from TweetDeck in reply to metspolice

  16. JDSection518 
    @metspolice Lazy Mary in the 7th?from TweetDeck in reply to metspolice

  17. Michael G. Baronmichaelgbaron 

    @metspolice #Mets tradition: The Good Luck Wreath given to the manager on Opening Day?from web in reply to metspolice

Darn, Ralph was about to talk to Lee Mazzilli!

Seriously Dave Howard, why won't you do Banner Day?  It's no more stress than a Mr. Met Dash.

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1 Response to "A list of New York Mets traditions"
David said :
January 10, 2010 at 9:15 AM
Rheingold Beer!
Kiner's pronounciation of "Manufacturers Hanover"
or ... "Mitsubishi"!

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