Friday, January 15, 2010

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Meet the Mets bloggers....Optimistic Mets Fan


1.  Who are you and what's the name of your blog?
I am Ceetar, of Optimistic Mets Fan

2.  What kind of things can we find on your site?
I try to focus on my observations and the positive things I see, or why, despite certain negatives, i think the Mets can succeed.  I decided this to counter what seems to be a pervasive attitude to think the Mets are cursed, doomed, or just bad.  There are too many Joe Beningo Mets fans that can only see impending doom.  A baseball season is a long season where plenty of things go right, and plenty of things go wrong. I'd rather look for the things that can go right rather than look for the things that could go wrong.  I believe there is a set of 'best case' outcomes that will enable almost any team to reach, and win, the World Series.  I think it's a lot more fun to go to a baseball game thinking Daniel Murphy's going to hit a home run than it is expecting Oliver Perez to walk 18 batters.  I like to write about odd occurances and off-beat events I notice about the game or team in general.  I also take a ton of pictures.

3.  Expectations for 2010?
I honestly think the Mets have a legitimate chance in 2010.  I've thought the Phillies have been overrated, and beneficiaries of a lot of luck.  Obviously they've got more talent that I've thought, but I do see plenty of cracks in their game where if things don't go right they could have a bad year.  The Mets should be in the playoffs this year, and from their they have a real shot of winning it all.

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1 Response to "Meet the Mets bloggers....Optimistic Mets Fan"
Ceetar said :
January 15, 2010 at 2:21 PM
what, me proofread? Please ignore my grammar snafu in the last sentence. I was waiting for a third opinion on the phrase and Shannon published it without my written consent. Or something like that.

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