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Mets Police Decade In Review: Howie Rose rips black Mets uniforms on the air

In 2008 I took a lot of shots at Howie Rose because he was citing attendance figures as if there were actually 45,000 people in Shea, when there clearly weren't (yes I understand the "paid" thing but Howie is better than that.)   In 2009, Howie came back strong and I hereby anoint him a general in the Blue Cap Army.   From April 19th 2009.

Today I welcome back the real Howie Rose to the Mets Police.

This time last year I was quite frustrated with Mr. Rose as he would tell me every night that there were 40,000 people at Shea when there clearly weren't (and no he wasn't talking paid attendance.)

Yesterday, the real Howie Rose was back on the air.  The Howie Rose of my youth.  The Howie Rose that was such a thorn in the side of the Mets that they once had a rule where he couldn't be on WFAN until a half hour after  the game.

Yesterday Howie opened up the radio cast with a rip into the Mets.  I'm paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of "the Mets are actually wearing blue!   (sarcastically) Because when your official colors are blue and orange why would you wear blue?   It's the fifth home game and they finally got around to wearing their primary colors, although it's with the snow whites, maybe one of these days they'll wear their primary uniforms with the pinstripes."  (That's pretty close, I wish I had a transcript.)

Look at the two pictures on the left.  One looks like a baseball team, the other a softball team.   If they want to have Black Uniform Sundays, fine - I'll eat crow - but would it kill them to  look like a baseball team the other six days?   Lots of fans this week have sent notes agreeing.

Later in the game Howie took a preemptive strike about moving the fences in for 2010.   If you've been to a game at Citi you'll notice the ball doesn't carry all that well.  That's fine with me, the Mets have always been about pitching.  It's fine with Howie too, and he chided the Mets in advance for even considering moving in the fences.  This is our new home, let's figure out how to play in it and use it to our advantage.  We don't need games decided by luck and winds like the Yankees will at Sammy Hagar Stadium in the Bronx.   Pitching and defense.

Hopefully, the real Howie is back.   If we can have the uncensored Howie Rose in the booth it will be a great listen.

Howie, I hereby appoint you leader of the No-Black Crusade.  Please mention it every single day.

For you kids that know nothing about the Mets prior to Mike Piazza...read this, Howie used to be quite annoying to the Mets back in the day.

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