Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Mets vs McGraw lawsuit, Mets vs Meat Company lawsuit and some links


Some quickie random things that add up to a post.

Big League Stew was kind enough to link to last night's McGwire piece.  Conversely, Stew has some good stuff to which I will link such as this You Gotta Believe video featuring 1980's Mets.

Stew also mentioned this link which talks about Sterling Mets vs.Hansel & Gretel (I'm sending you to the blog, honor among bloggers) and more surprisingly Sterling Mets vs. The Tug McGraw Foundation.  I'm no lawyer and I don't know who is right or wrong, I just find it all fun.  I'm disappointed in myself that the Mets Police missed this one...I could have had a field day with it.   Hey, even Luis Castillo drops balls.  Read here.

In other link news, Gothamist linked to the Shea Stadium: home of the BCS champions story.

In non-Mets stuff, as I have mentioned a few times I am teaching myself Wordpress on the temporarily titled Shannon's Other Blog which I'm not really pushing, and is more about links than original thoughts, but I thought y'all might be interested in the Marlins agreeing not to be so cheap, the Negro League Museum needing help, some McGwire stuff that caught my eye, and the new Nets arena making some streets of Brooklyn disappear.  If any of that interests you it's there.

For those of you really paying attention, I enjoyed my lunch today.  Good times talking to a fellow Mets fan.

Speaking of lunch...

Opposer, Sterling Mets, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership located at Citi Field,
Flushing, New York 11368 ("Opposer"), believes that it will be damaged by registration of the
standard character word mark YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! for “processed meats, luncheon meats
and cold cuts” in International Class 29, as shown in Application Serial No. 77/652,728 (the
“Application”) and, having been granted extensions of time to oppose up to and including
November 1, 2009, hereby opposes same.
I really don't make this stuff up.

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