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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (January 3)


Man it's cold out there this morning.  Good luck if you're heading off to see the Jets lose tonight.  Stay warm.

For the newer readers, every Sunday I post a recap of what was popular over the last week, and sprinkle in a few that I think deserved more readers.  

First some other stuff:

Wow, there's so much content waiting to be published.   You've been great about sending things in.  Between those submissions, Osh41 actually opening his uniform closet, Dan scanning his scorecards, Frank investigatig the Tug McGraw mystery (check the comments here) and in theory the Mets will announce Jason Bay this week - I already have like 7 articles a day ready to fire, which is actually too many.  Imagine if the Mets actually played a game.  Thanks to everyone for the support, it has been Amazin'

Since y'all have Google and I like to be honest, you may accidentally discover Shannon's Other Blog.   Here's the deal - I'm trying to familiarize myself with different software.  Mets Police works off the Blogger system, and everyone says Wordpress is better for blogs.   So before I go all-in and move Mets Police over to WP, possibly destroying everything, I want to mess around with WP a little.  No need for the WP fans to tell me the difference between .com and .org, got it, I'm just messing around.   I'm not pushing the other site, but there may be a few odds and ends over there (some Jets thoughts today) some days but not all and not like over here.  We'll see where life takes it.  I'm also increasingly aware I start too many sentences with "so" and need to break that habit.

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Coming up this week:

  • I ask David Howard out on a man-date.
  • A suggestion the Mets offer 7-packs that incorporates the Blue Cap Army (join now, it's silly and free).
  • A ton of Mets pennants
  • The 1978 Yearbook
  • and whatever else happens in Flushing.

On to the links...

This Tug McGraw jersey that Mitchell & Ness is selling has us all bothered.   Why are the numbers so big?  Why is a #56 jersey?  I'm going to reach out to UniWatch to see what they know.

Here's my 1986 Pennants

Dan's pictures of the 1986 Tickertape Parade

The 1982 Yearbook (Part 1) and (Part 2)

In 1962 Casey Stengel displayed Mets uniforms that would have had Mets underlined.

362 days until the Mets start paying Bonilla $1m a year.  Really.

Check out Wrigley Field with the upper deck closed.  Remind anyone of Shea around 1979?

A look back at Mets Police articles from the two years (aka holiday filler):

Always popular:

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