Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (January 10)


Things are very quiet in Flushing, and the newspapers are all about the Jets as they should be (sigh).

New thoughts:

This John Smoltz to the Mets rumor is going around, and let me weigh in with another one-of-mysure-to-be-unpopular opinions.

I don't want Smoltz on the team.  He's a Brave.

I'd like to win, but I don't want to win with John Smoltz on the mound for Game 7.  Sure, I'll take it if I get it, but it's not the way I want to win.  I can't imagine myself waving at John Smoltz as he rides down the Canyon of Heroes.   Same way I don't want Jeter on the Mets in 2013.  What would the point be?


I'm still itchy to move the site to Wordpress so that it will work better and look prettier.  I might do that next weekend.  I have a lot of travel later in the month and I'm hesitant to be on the road (and busy) using a new system.  This one is increasinly buggy but I know how to fix it.

I have an interesting meeting this week that might motivate me to just jump in the pool and go.   I'm looking forward to that one, and that's all I can give you for now, but I bet you'll be jazzed.

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The links:

Here's the weekly look at the most popular and some you may have missed.

The mainstream media ignored it, but it was really strange to have Rod Gilbert present Jason Bay with a Rangers jersey right near the top of the press conference.  I think they were really trying to convince the NHL to have the Winter Classic at Citi.

I liked this Sports Illustrated article because of the George Foster stuff, but it got people bananas upset.

The list of Mets traditions is unimpressive.

This shouldn't have gotten lost but it did in the Bay stuff - you'll dig this collection of Mets pennants.

Pictures of the 1986 Tickertape parade, which did not feature John Smoltz wearing a 1986 Mets jacket.

Banner Day, 1978 and a decent rant.

The 1978 Yearbook Part 1, Part 2Part 3

Mr. Met, Pedro and my mom is a great read and always a popular item.

I want to go to a game with David Howard.  Really, and I'll be nice,

There's been a fair amount of Ticket Office anecdotes lately

Selig wants a World Series of the World.

Still popular:  Dan wrote a letter to the Mets, and the Mets responded.  Great read.

Always popular:

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