Monday, January 04, 2010

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Quick housekeeping and teasers for Tuesday


Quick stuff:

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures and "stuff" today.  All really appreciated.  It was a busy day as "Clark Kent" and man I'm sleepy so I'll catch up on stuff as soon as I can.  Keep 'em coming.

Jon from Mets By The Numbers has solved the Tug McGraw jersey mystery, I think, I'll get to that later in the week.  Jon I tried to send you an email and it bounced back, I'm holding off on the comment so as not to give away the solution yet.  How Francesca of me.  That's right, I'll have Tug McGraw jersey news later in the week.  Here's the mink-man.

Tomorrow:  at 6am I have a post suggesting the Mets re-introduce 7 game packs.  I think you'll like it, I added a neat idea to it that I think could make Citi start to feel more like home, and since people will be in Mets mode tomorrow hopefully someone in Flushing can figure it out by 11.  Yeah I know I'm insane but I;'m betting this idea goes over big.

Also tomorrow - Piazza pics, a look back at when Howie ripped the black uniforms on air, Dan's Hall of Fame ballot, more from the 78 yearbook and I'm sure there will be a lot to say about the Bay press conference.   Keep the mike away from Omar.   Jeff you're actually better at this, you field the questions.

I'm exhausted.  This getting up before sunrise thing stinks.  'Night Mets fans, one more alternate cap coming in about an hour.

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