Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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Solving the Tug McGraw jersey mystery

I've been fascinated by this Tug McGraw jersey (several articles about it, I won't rehash) and Jon from the super-awesome Mets By The Numbers has provided the answer.  Take it away Jon!

 Hi, I'd be happy to help. I get the same question at mbtn often and addressed it at least once before here:

1. I'm not sure but the numbers look okay to me.

2. Yes, in spring training but McGraw wore 45 once the season began. Often, materials published in the spring (such as yearbooks) would contain a published roster including numbers players did not wear, and/or photos from spring training.

3. I don't know this for sure I suspect Mitchell & Ness relied on inaccurate information they found on the Internet but did not verify. A certain website covering mets uni numbers (cough) may have been the first to make this mistake. This was back when I was still separating numbers *listed* from the numbers that were actually worn. That would have been back before I re-did the site in 2003, not sure how old the jersey is. Maybe I should feel a little guilty for this but had someone asked me at the time I'd have strongly recommended they double check, especially if they were going to be creating a $275 jersey off it.

Anyway, hope this helps. Any other questions about Mets uni numbers please visit my site.

Awesome job by Jon, and there's even more detail here.  MBTN is a great site, a great resource, and I highly suggest you check it out.

Thanks for the assist.

Today will be a special day on Mets Police.  My goal is to make it through the day without mentioning the color scheme.  Let's see how long I last.

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