Friday, November 27, 2009

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DVD Review : Official 2009 World Series Film

I'm a big fan of the World Series films, and I own quite a few although not that cool megaset they just came out with.  

Unfortunately as a Mets fan I don't get to see my team in too many of these..although the 2000 film is one of my favorites....and my favorite of them all is that 2001 World Series film.  No not because the Yankees won but because of the drama of that series, my personal memories of attending Game 5 and the NYC vibe post 9/11.

Which brings us to the 2009 video....another fine effort in the series and a nice stocking stuffer if you don't know what to get a Yankee fan for the holidays.

Sure there's some things that drive me bananas like John Sterling and Mike Francesca (does anyone in the real world have Mike's accent, or is it just Mike and badly written New Yawk characters in movies.  And does anyone say Joisey?  I digress...)  Apparently something traumatic happened to A-Rod last off-season but not too much is explained about that....poor A-Rod.

It was fun for me to watch Pedro Martinez bomb.   It has only been a month and I already forgot that the Phillies and their manager, I think his name is Grady Little, started Pedro twice.   Ah, Four Inning Pedro I knew you wouldn't let me down.

I really like the extras which contain many of the key moments...just the raw video.  No Sterling, no Joe Buck (well for the most part).

These videos are fun to watch this time of year (don't get mad at me Mets fans, get mad at Omar and friends) and then again a few years down the road.  I like digging out the really old ones with the fake crack of the bat sound effect.

Thanks to Shout Factory for sending this over, and if you'd like to buy one click here.

Also out on Blu-Ray December 15th.

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