Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #19)

Let's wrap up the weekend with Coop who takes a turn at the Five Questions.  (more tomorrow)

1. When did I start following the Mets?

In 1983 -- 1984 was my official first game and my first vivid memories associated with the Mets. 1983 was special though, because not only was I old enough to understand what baseball actually was, also a dude named Seaver was pitching and a guy named Keith was traded to the team. Dad could not stop talking about them. I was hooked.

2. Favorite Mets memory?

I have three -- top being in attendance at Game 7 in 1986. I was old enough to understand but too young to fully appreciate it.

The next one has to be watching Game 4 of the 1999 NLDS (The Pratt HR) at my old apartment with Mr. E, Uncle Gene and two of his three kids. If you remember correctly, the Mets don't win that game, there was force back to Arizona against The Unit himself, Randy Johnson. I remember turning to my dad right before the at-bat, saying, "I DON'T want to go back and face Unit. We can't." A few seconds later, as I like to describe it, four cautious hineys (Kay Jay wasn't a Mets fan at the time yet) lift off the respective soon as we saw Finley's face, it was time for cathartic Zorba the Greek-like dances.

Close tie with that game is the grand-slam single...Watching that with the same crew except it was at Aunt Melissa and Uncle Gene's house. Same cautious hineys lifting off the sofas...and then of course the Zorba-the-Greek-like dances.

3. Worst Mets memory?

Last game of 2007. Nuff said. After the high of the day before, with John Maine's almost no-no, it was such a deflator. I think I slept most of that offseason. It was harder to swallow than 2008 -- at least we were prepared from the year before.

4. One off-field change I could make?

Start buying out the chop shops in the Iron Triangle and start razing, to make a little community there for fans, and gathering places to watch sports events, even in the offseason. I can't tell you what it's like to go to other stadiums and there are so many fan-friendly options in and around the stadium areas. And what it's like to have to get off a few stops earlier on the train to enjoy some pre-game cocktails.

5. First thing I would change if I owned the team?

Fire everyone. And I mean everyone. And start paying overslot in the draft.

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