Friday, November 27, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #41)

We're up to fan #41 in the survey, and Osh41 deserves the number.  He's the one who suggested "why don't you interview me?" and he also represented us and won the trivia contest at the Two Boots gathering of Mets fans.   He has a bonus 6th question which was eliminated from the final "5 questions" version.   So take it away Osh..

1. When did you become a fan

I'd say 79-80. My brothers were Yankee fans and I did what they wanted when I was young but went over to the Mets largely due to a good friend who sold me on them.

2. Who is your fave player

Seaver but I don't remember him the first go around. When he came back in 83 I went to a lot of his starts.  I think after Tom I guess it would be Hernandez because I believe after seaver he is the most important player in team history. When they got him everything changed. You could point at him and say he's a winner, he won't be like the other guys they've run out here from 77-82. Without him, his attitude, the leadership 86 simply doesn't happen.

3. What is your fave mets memory? 

I was at the Buckner game as a 16 year old.  Still gives me chills.  I peaked at a young age, I can’t imagine any sporting event that could top that.  Still carry the ticket stub around with me to this day.

Least fave?

I was in the building when Pendleton’s HR went over the CF fence effectively ending the 87 season.  The collective air out of the crowd was unreal.  Although attending the last game at Shea and seeing them lose a chance to play for the wild card was just about as horrific.  At least we had a closing ceremony that made me smile a bit after that game.

4. What off the field move would make the fans happy

Any move that this club makes that could be called ballsy and un-reactionary would be refreshing.  The Minnesota Twins have been around 1 year longer than the Mets, have won as many World Championships yet they are building a park that undoubtedly reflects the teams history.  The Mets build a park and put pics up of a team that ABANDONED THE CITY OF NEW YORK.  When I come in the main gate next year and if the Ebbets Field thing is the first thing I see when I turn left off the escalator I am going to scream.

I grew up in NY, I love this place more than any other other in the world and I have read enough and heard enough to know that the Dodgers picked up and said my town wasn’t good enough for them.  Dodgers and Giants - you left the greatest town, your loss.  I don’t care about the Dodgers, they play in Los Angeles and as a fan am still annoyed that they beat my club in the 1988 NLCS, I don’t need to see their logo at Citi Field.  And don’t give me the ‘it’s about Jackie Robinson not the Dodgers’ according to David Howard. If it’s not about the Dodgers why does the front of the place look like Ebbets Field?

Get rid of the black, it was always done to sell hats, not to celebrate the Giants history.  A transparent, money grab that I believe most fans didn’t like but went along with because they felt they had no option.  Now fans voices can be heard through forums like this one.  Go back to the basics, blue hats, no black anywhere.  Do people all of a sudden think purple and yellow are hip colors??  No, the Minnesota Vikings are playing terrific and have a popular guy at QB.  WINNING SELLS HATS.  If yankee hats were aqua and they won the series are you telling me there wouldn’t have been a sea of aqua on Broadway 2 weeks ago week?

5. If you owned the team starting tomorrow what is the first thing you would do??

I would have a press conference and donate all blacks Mets clothes hats etc to charities free of charge.  Mets can’t actually get killed for doing that.

Then I would fire Omar and Jerry and see if maybe Pat Gillick is looking for a job besides consulting in Philly.

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