Monday, November 23, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #22)

Wearing Ray Knight's #22 here's Paul with "5 Questions"

1. When did you start following the Mets?

I have some fuzzy memories of 1986, but my first clear ones are from the 1988 season.

2. What is your favorite Mets memory?

A relatively meaningless 1991 game. The Mets were playing the Giants on a Saturday afternoon, and they were down 4-2 going to the ninth. Mackey Sasser and Mark Carreon hit back-to-back pinch-hit homers to send it to extra innings, and HoJo hit a two-run shot to win it in the 12th. It was a magical game in a disappointing season. And because I only got to go out to Shea once or twice a year with my family, it was the first time I got to see them win in person.

3. What is your worst Mets memory or experience?

The 1993 season. The 1992 Mets got the book, but the 1993 team was the worst one I've ever watched. They lost 103 games. Anthony Young lost 27 consecutive decisions, dating back to the the 1992 season. Vince Coleman was throwing firecrackers. Bret Saberhagen was filling water guns with bleach. Every day something else seemed to go wrong, and it felt like the Mets would never, ever be good again.

4. If you could change one off-field thing about the franchise what would it be?

I'd like to make the fans feel more welcome. Listen to their concerns. Bring back banner day. Make the stadium look like the Mets' home. Make some players who aren't starting available for pre-game autographs occasionally. Bring back the Shea Stadium batting practice policy.

5. If you owned the team starting tomorrow, what is the first thing you would change?

I'd make sure that my general manager had a plan for long-term success. I'm tired of seeing my team handicapped by limited farm system depth and over-market multi-year deals to players on the downsides of their careers.


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