Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Must Read: Uniwatch On Mets Uniforms


If you like what we do around here...we're nothing compared to the king.  Go check out Uni Watch for a great ripjob on the new unis.

Here's a taste:

 Let these facts be submitted to a candid world: There’s been the endless procession of alternate caps; the miserable black alternate jerseys; the pointless addition of black drop shadows to everything; the shunting aside of blue as a team color, especially on the road uniform; the wearing of the road cap at home; the near-disappearance of the home pinstripes; the removal of the “NY” from the skyline logo; the needless imposition of a black skyline logo; the worst stadium-opening sleeve patch in MLB history; and on and on.

Fired up?  Go read!!

Update:  Lets you think you and I are alone in this the comments section of the Uni Watch article.   The Mets are getting killed, as always.

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