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Reader Comments: Uniforms and Tickets


Some reader comments from a busy off-season day.

Anthony has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform":

Okay, here's my take: It's the same jersey just creme-colored instead of white. Wow. They kept the drop-shadow so they can wear in with the black/blue hat and the black socks and undershirts (ugh). That doesn't seem all that "retro" to me. My ideal Mets uniforms would be as such: Pinstripe uni with blue hats, undershirts, and socks; road gray with BLUE hats, undershirts, and socks. For a third I would go with a blue jersey maybe with Mets in orange lettering outlined in white again with blue hats, etc. If you want to keep the black only wear the solid black hat with the black uniform. No mixing! And no black hat with the blue brim! The solid white uni is alright and should again be worn with blue hats, etc. And now we're up to what? 100 uniforms? 

I'm hearing a lot of this kind of comment.   Since the black isn't going away nor is the dropshadow...I think the franchise would be wise to park the blue/black hybrid hats.  Those look the worst of all.  If you must wear a black jersey just pair it with the all-black cap.   It's slightly less an abomination.

Scott has left a new comment on your post "2010 15-Game Plans and Prices Released":

So basically, nothing happened last year in the eyes of Mets officials. Wonder how long it takes em to realize their phones aren't ringing. It seriously must be nice to be rich enough to run something into the ground with no regard for common sense

kjs has left a new comment on your post "2010 15-Game Plans and Prices Released": 

Fellow fans:

If you are canceling your plan(s), please don't just rip up the invoice. Invest the 43 cents and let the Metsknow why.

I'm sending back my two invoices, my obstructed-view ticket from Section 504, and a note that I will not enter any plan unless the seats are unobstructed, behind home plate, include only 13 Friday or Saturday games, and request a full refund for my obstructed seat, a refund for my ticket---including fees, and a 40% reduction off the current seat prices. (My ticket partner has already rejected renewing his half of any deal; he'll root for the Mets, but will shift his hopes to the BoSox).

I plan to have some comments about the ticket plans around lunchtime.   I haven't really gotten to take a look.  Thanks to Dan for getting that info up last night.

Cindy has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform":

This is a typical Mets move. They tell us fans they hear us and understand our concerns then try to pass this "retro uni" off on us. It is not retro. It is not what most fans wanted. We want one classic (white pins, blue cap no black anywhere) home uniform and one classic (gray blue cap no black anywhere) road uniform. I can't take it anymore, they make themselves look more foolish each year. 
paulsrandomstuff has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform": 

This is not a retro jersey. It's an unwanted tweak of the 2009 pinstripe.

I hope they'll wear them with matching color pants. 
Thanks folks!

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