Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform

So here's the new uniform.....

It looks nice.  I like the ball logo on the sleeve (please add the NY back on that, you aren't fooling anyone).

It still has dropshadow.  Why, why, why, why, why?

It's hard to judge the white/cream/off-white whatever we are calling it until we see it on a human....

Last year when the Sox introduced new caps they actually had a press event.  That's what the Mets should have done.

Back to the Mets jersey, what's that material under the armpit?

The phrasing of the release is interesting:  "The Mets will also continue to wear their white uniform at home with the black jerseys as an alternate." 

We had heard the pinless would be the prime uniform with these as a secondary.  Maybe the converse is true?  If I wanted to sell jerseys I would wear these more often than uniforms already out there.  Also unfortunately the black jerseys continue to survive.

I'm sure more info will come out throughout the day, and Uni Watch hasn't weighed in yet.

In the past I've questioned the Mets when they claimed to do research but we do know they did a uniform survey this time around, so that's good.

So for now, I like them but they could've been better.  They also could've been worse.   No word on pricing etc yet, as I said I'm sure more info will come out during the day.   I'll be wearing my now "retro" snow-white pinstriped jersey my cousin bought me.  Thanks cuz!

Update:  If you can get past the Newsday Berlin Wall, David Lennon has some information about the sales including some details about 20% off for season ticket holders.

Update #2:
The whites will remain the primary home uniform, with the pinstriped unis and black jerseys "in the rotation," according to the Mets.

I've been told by the Mets that "natural" color is a light cream similar to the '69 replica jerseys that fans were given in August.

Update #3:  Early buzz seems to be "cool but why the hell did you keep the dropshadow and the black uniforms?"  Can't say I didn't warn you Dave Howard.

Update #4:  An email from Peter, unconfirmed and Mets Police is not news (it's entertainment), take with a grain of salt as I have not confirmed this.

I just found out i have to visit the Citi field Store in order to get the discounts on the jersey.
20 % off the 2010 jersey plus my club mets card 15% that 35% off the jersey

The mets store on 42nd will have the jersey but not at a discounted price argg.

Lastly, i thought the jersey was going to be cream?

Update #5:
Mark Healey has left a new comment on your post "Official New Mets Uniform Announcement":

As per the usual, the Mets have taken their good intentions and fumbled them on delivery.

The decision to issue a "retro" jersey eliminates the real pinstriped uniform.

The use of the drop shadow (and continued usage of black as a team color) negates the "retro" feel of the jersey, and ensures that the black and blue hat will continue to be worn at home.

The Mets fan, desperate for anything connecting to its beloved history -- a history long-ignored and always awkward and forced relationship with ownership -- will buy this jersey.

This will ensure some sort of suit-speak comment
like, The sales figures support our decision to create synergy between the team's history and the current fan base."

The review from this Mets fan? Zero stars. If you're going to make a statement, do it right or don't do it at all. 

Update #6:
BPALM has left a new comment on your post "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform":

The material under the armpit is from the cool base jersey. During the warmer months and usually all the time now jerseys are made of a material similar to the BP jerseys which have far better breathability 

Update #7.
Burt Hubbuch has posted on nypost.com including this gem:

The primary home uniform, however, will remain bright white with blue lining. Also, the alternate black home and road jerseys that appear to be unpopular with most fans are coming back.

Maybe Burt should run the team.  He gets it.

Update #8

Some speculation that the image doesn't represent what the jersey looks like.  Otherwise, Osh41 is right with his rants (he's emailing me) that there's nothing "new" about it, it's just a dirty Mets jersey.

meanwhile on twitter (and I'm re-tweeting away @metspolice if you want to follow)

FYI, the players' names will be on the back of the new retro uniforms.

Update #9 (1:22pm)
A fan and I are emailing, he went to the store and they were very protective of the jerseys and wouldn't show him one (you know, because the world might end if a fan saw one).    He says the cream looks "darker" than the email photo.

Here's a larger photo from Burt Hubbuch on Twitter.  Gives you a slightly better feel for it.  The dropshadow is AWFUL.  Come on guys, you blew it again.  The Mets never get it right.

Update #10...Osh41 weighs in

This is the EXACT SAME JERSEY one shade of white different than the home pins from last year. Is anyone else noticing this besides me???
This is yet another example of a half a– effort by this team, out of touch with their core fan base.
Can we have one jersey that does not have black on it? This is neither a retro jersey or a new one.
We will see the horrible blue/black hats with this and will see this new jersey about as often as we saw the pins last year. I actually got a little excited that after the he ‘acknowledgement of club history’ announcement they wouldnt screw this one up – well they did.

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9 Responses to "The New 2010 New York Mets Pinstriped Uniform"
BPALM said :
November 24, 2009 at 12:36 PM
The material under the armpit is from the cool base jersey. During the warmer months and usually all the time now jerseys are made of a material similar to the BP jerseys which have far better breathability
Anonymous said :
November 24, 2009 at 1:36 PM
I'm a fan of the Black Jerseys. I'm putting that out there before this next statement. I agree that the drop shadow should have been removed from this jersey. For this to be truely retro, they need to loose the drop shadow. Like the retro jersey, but let's make it truly retro and loose the drop shadow.
DyHrdMET said :
November 24, 2009 at 2:53 PM
aside from the contradictions noted above, here's my thought on how the Mets screwed this one up.

"The Mets created the retro uniform following research and positive responses to the jerseys the 1969 World Champion Mets wore during their 40th anniversary celebration in August." - the positive responses to the 1969 jerseys was based on the fact that it was the actual 1969 jerseys and color scheme. They've added the black to that and negated most of that feedback.

personally, I like the white pinstripe jerseys with the black drop shadow (I guess the "official" home jersey for most of this decade). no need for creme colors, and no need to put the black any other place. for that matter, the gray road jerseys with the black drop shadow work well too.
Anonymous said :
November 24, 2009 at 6:39 PM
This is not a retro jersey. It's an unwanted tweak of the 2009 pinstripe.

I hope they'll wear them with matching color pants.
Cindy said :
November 24, 2009 at 7:04 PM
This is a typical Mets move. They tell us fans they hear us and understand our concerns then try to pass this "retro uni" off on us. It is not retro. It is not what most fans wanted. We want one classic (white pins, blue cap no black anywhere) home uniform and one classic (gray blue cap no black anywhere) road uniform. I can't take it anymore, they make themselves look more foolish each year.
Anthony said :
November 24, 2009 at 11:32 PM
Okay, here's my take: It's the same jersey just creme-colored instead of white. Wow. They kept the drop-shadow so they can wear in with the black/blue hat and the black socks and undershirts (ugh). That doesn't seem all that "retro" to me. My ideal Mets uniforms would be as such: Pinstripe uni with blue hats, undershirts, and socks; road gray with BLUE hats, undershirts, and socks. For a third I would go with a blue jersey maybe with Mets in orange lettering outlined in white again with blue hats, etc. If you want to keep the black only wear the solid black hat with the black uniform. No mixing! And no black hat with the blue brim! The solid white uni is alright and should again be worn with blue hats, etc. And now we're up to what? 100 uniforms?
Jay said :
November 26, 2009 at 9:02 PM
I LOVED the black jerseys when they came out in 1998. I immediately purchased the jersey when I was a senior in college. However, the old colors, just blue and orange, are so wonderful now (I always wear my racing stripe Seaver jersey) that I would have LOVED this retro jersey if they went without the black shadow. In fact, I agree, lets go back to no black.
John said :
November 26, 2009 at 9:50 PM
Black = a punk, ghetto, gangsta, thug, HORRIBLE image.

Get rid of the black ANYWHERE on the unis and hats and STOP with the frigging Dodgers look.

Get rid of the Robinson shrine. Dump the name "Robinson Rotunda" and honor great M E T S players. You two dopey Wilpons have to come to an understanding that the Dodgers JILTED you 50 years ago and left you with a set of blueballs that lasted 5 long years and get over it.

Get RID of the GREEN seats. The only reason I can think of for the green seats is taht Ebbitts frigging field must have had green seats.

I hate the way the Wilpons have tried to turn thew look of this team into the Dodgers.

Pinstripes should be worn at home for at least 70 of the 81 games. Grey on the road with block style "NEW YORK" blue trimmed in orange. If you must have an alternative jersey, do like the Indians do and go sleeveless and put "Mr Met" or interlocking NYM on the left chest with player # on the right. If need be go with the old Oakland A's sleveless look in combinations of white/blue/orange.

NEVER mix/match pinstripes pants with solid jerseys

and Finally Wilpons, GET RID of the stupid looking batting helmuts they started wearing a few years ago.

SOME of us actually wrer around from the jump beginning with game ONE at AL Lang Field in St Petersburgh in 1962 and despise what you have done to the traditional look of the team.
David said :
November 26, 2009 at 11:26 PM
As usual, the Mets STILL can't get it right.
SNY played the 4 games the Mets won in the 1969 WS once again. Games 3-4-5 are in color. There's the uniform the Mets NEED to go back to. Simple. Unadorned. Like the team in the Bronx, whose home uniforms really haven't changed much since they put numbers on them 80 years ago. And they don't seem to have a marketing problem; that version of the interlocking NY is seen all over the world. Why do the METS have to do a minor league move yet again?
PS - Also seen today as part of a family film festival, The Odd Couple, which in its movie version is all full of Mets and Shea Stadium.

Look for the pictures of Mets on the walls of Oscar Madison's apartment, including L.P. Berra.
"A triple play, Madison and you missed it!"

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