Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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The 15 Game Plan Problem


Following up on some of the comments (especially by KJS) from yesterday, I started really questioning the wisdom of the 15 game plan.

I understand the desire by the Mets to bundle games so that you buy lots of tickets up front.

I understand why they add in 5 weekday games to a "Saturday Plus" plan.

My question is, is that wise?

Sure they might make some incremental income from those five games, but what is the opportunity cost?  Take, well, me.

Here's someone I think you would consider to be a Mets fan.  I write about the team 4-5 times a day, so I'm not a casual fan.  I'm the target demo.

Maybe a Saturday plan would be attractive to me.  I could take my kid.

Then you stick me with 5 games I absolutely don't want.

33% of the tickets are for games I don't want.

Why wouldn't I just buy 10 games during the general sale?  There's no bundling savings for the package.  Sure I won't be in on any playoff guarantee...but that's why they have playoff lotteries (I attended Game 1 of the World Series) and stubhub.

Saturdays won't sell out in March, and if one somehow does, I can throw the five games worth of savings at stubhub.

So right now, I'm buying 10 games instead of 15.  Less money for the Mets.

But wait, April 10th vs Washington?  That sounds cold and sucky.  Why don't I skip that one.

April 24th vs Atlanta?  Yeah maybe I skip that too.

October 2nd vs Washington?  I'm going to risk that the season doesn't come down to the final two games for the third time in 4 years.

So now I could buy 7 Saturdays.  Maybe the Yankee game will be hard to get.  Fine.  I will buy 6.

At say $15 a ticket, the Mets just cost themselves $180 in tickets (two seats) not to mention the beer, hot dogs and whatever I buy my kid.  If I'm not in the park I'm not buying a shake.

You got me to buy those five extra games last year.   I won't do it again.  See ya on stubhub, or maybe I'll just see Howie on the radio in my backyard.

Tomorrow:  why I am renewing my Phillies tickets.

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