Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Are the Mets really selling this t-shirt?


Jimmy the Mets fan sent this over.  Jim says this was taken in the Mets Clubhouse store.  If Jimmy hadn't just sent me last week's pics from the season ticket holder's tour I would think I was being punked.

Really?  This is what they are going to sell?


Corey dropped me a note last night after my teaser and said..."are you aware that the Mets don't run any of their stores?   The Manhattan & Roosevelt Field stores are run by a company called Sports Avenue, who also run the Yankees stores.  Aramark runs the stores at Citi."

I was not aware of that, however the Mets have some say in the merchandise no?  What if some maniac at Sports Avenue wanted to sell "25 more and we catch the Yankees" t-shirts?  Someone must sign off on these things.

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1 Response to "Are the Mets really selling this t-shirt?"
NyPfdr said :
December 29, 2009 at 9:48 AM
You need to reach around to your backside and pull that stick out. That's a funny shirt, and will not result in the complete demise of the franchise. One thing I have learned through the years, that in the most dire of times, a little humor goes a long way.
"25 more and we catch the Yankees" would actually be another great shirt.


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