Monday, December 28, 2009

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Francesa Mets speculation

Sure Mike, I'll bite.  It's a slow news week.

Mike Francesa said he'll have a "major major update" on the Mets on Tuesday.

None of the beat reporters have anything.  If it were a player signing they'd have it.   So it's something "internal" and nothing actually newsworthy.

The Mets signed a "multiyear" deal with WFAN at the end of 2008 so I doubt it's a contract extension for that.

Some radio stations have messed around with doing one-team sportsradio on their HD channels (Penguins and Cowboys) but you wouldn't announce that on December 29th.

Some have speculated it's about the Mets Hall of Fame, but outside of the blogosphere is that major news?

I think Mike hyped his radio show, bored Mets fan got all excited and now all are set up to kill Francesca for not delivering.

My guess:  Omar or Jeff is calling in for some set-up call to promote some feel-good item.    The team needs to get the ticketholders to blink before the 12/31 deadline....perhaps the Seaver related item that Mets VP Craig Marino told us about will be announced to entice fans to renew.  Craig said Seaver would be honored in a "major way."

Or Mike Piazza day as part of some 10th anniversary of the 2000 World Series team (y'all missed that that one is coming already!).

While I've got you, I'll pull a Francesa of my own.  You know that horrible injury riddled season the Mets just had?  They wouldn't sell a t-shirt making light of it would they?   Come back at 7am to see.

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1 Response to "Francesa Mets speculation"
December 28, 2009 at 10:44 PM
The Seaver announcement seems like a safe guess, though I don't know that it would qualify as "major" news item.

I'd love to know what would motivate the non-renewing season ticket & plan holders at this point.

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