Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Bay = McReynolds? (Metsmerized)

Good yet scary stuff from Mets Merized....

We’ve Had Jason Bay Before; His Name Was Kevin McReynolds

You kids don't remember but we once had this fun homegrown player named Kevin Mitchell.  Kevin was a big solid guy who had no business playing SS but Davey Johnson didn't give a rats-tail and would stick him there when Sid Fernandez pitched because Sid threw fly balls.   Some days Mitchell would play third, sometimes in the OF.

Mitchell was sent packing because the team felt he was a bad influence on Gooden and Strawberry.   Mitchell wound up winning an MVP and we know how the other two turned out.

Anyway...the player in return was Kevin McReynolds.  I remember at the time thinking the Mets had acquired a good player (even though I was bothered that Mitchell left, I liked our homegrown core).  I hope Bay isn't McReynolds because Kevin ws one of those stat-accumulators who never really made a difference....and kids, that's why you've probably never heard of him.

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