Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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An honest plea to hit a quarter million



2009 has been a great year for this site.   There's 30 hours or so to go in the year, and this is a shameless plea for a little help.   It's nothing important except my ego sees that a nice round number is tantalizingly close.

As 6pm approaches here on the 30th, Mets Police has had about 246,000+  visits for the year.  I don't know about other sites (I think Metsblog hits like 3 million a month, but they're a superblog, and have done more for traffic than anyone) but for a boy from Queens that number is pretty cool, especially as the report is showing me a measly 8,000 or so for 2008.   Wow what a change it's been, I remember being thrilled at that number.

So, being honest, I'd like to hit a quarter million visits.  It's a nice round number.  That's going to require a big day of visits  tomorrow.  The only way I know to make that happen is to draw in some newbies.  For that, I'll need you to get the word out.  If you have a friend who you think would like the site, or if you're on digg or stumbleupon, do a retweet, or if you're a fellow blogger who can's some links below to share that have proven to be popular.   I think I'll just miss the number, but hey why not try?  (Actually in true Mets fashion maybe 249,999 would be perfect.  Let some Philly blogger get that last visit).

I'm also trying to increase the base of subscribers, so if you'd like to view the site in a reader or a daily email click here.

You've been great when I've asked for pictures, help, or information.  I get stuff in the inbox every single day that helps fuel the site.   I'm very very thankful that you're part of this community we're building around here, I'm confident that 2010 will be even bigger (surprisingly October-December have been super-strong months which bodes well) and there's some interesting ideas on the table.  Again, without you this site would just be one crankypants posting pictures of alternate Mets caps.

Thanks for this indulgence, your support is appreciated, now back to complaining about black uniforms and plexiglass.

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1 Response to "An honest plea to hit a quarter million"
Schruender said :
December 30, 2009 at 9:45 PM
Good luck Shannon I'll send out a tweet and tell a fan/friend.

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