Thursday, December 31, 2009

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1986 New York Mets Pennants

Morning all, I'm a little slow off the draw today having slept til 8!  (It's loud here most mornings at Mets Police HQ).

I don't want to bog the site down with the drive to 250k visits but a big thanks to Matt over at Metsblog who threw Mets Police a major hookup link last night, Matt even posted a pic of his '86 banner which inspires me to share mine....

Until my coffee kicks in you'll need to turn your head sideways.  Back in September 1986 I was so excited that the Mets actually won anything I rushed out and bought this gem.  In some ways it's kind of cooler than the more common WS banners.

Here's my version of the '86 World series pennant.  In between the ball logo (the one with the NY on it, note the modern version doesn't have the NY) and the word Champions is a list of all the players.

That yellow one is a Steelers banner, not that I'm a Steelers fan but when I was a kid the walls of my room were covered with pennants - lots of NFL (for 10 years my "Oakland' Radiers one was cool, then they went back) and there was an Orioles one I remember.   I don't recall how they were acquired, you'd have to ask mom, but I still have them.

I'm often tempted to bring this into work but I fear some knucklehead will take them, so they are in the basement until I trust Junior with them.

Speaking of '86 here are Dan's pictures from the 1986 Tickertape parade.

Thanks to all those helping with the drive to 250k...there was lots of love on Twitter, I'll thank those folks over there @metspolice

(I think my S is not working so well, already caught two s-related typos.  Maybe I need more coffee).

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2 Responses to "1986 New York Mets Pennants"
Anonymous said :
December 31, 2009 at 1:01 PM
Here's a collection of Mets pennants, including those from the 1986 world series:
Ron said :
December 31, 2009 at 5:59 PM
I had the pennant that listed all the player names when I was a kid. If memory serves, there was a prominent name left off the roster--I think it was Carter. Am I making this up?? I distinctly remember being offended as a kid that they got the pennant wrong.

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