Thursday, December 31, 2009

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NY Times on Obstructed Views and the scary Mets ticket deadline

Some interesting  notes from an article in today's Times...

One of the biggest complaints from Mets fans about Citi Field last season was the obstructed views from the seats in left field. From the highest of the three decks, many fans could not see the left fielder, the warning track or the fence, and sometimes could not see the center fielder, either. Fans in the lower decks also struggled to see plays in left field, and often had to crane their necks to watch replays on televisions hanging above them.
Mets executives have defended Citi Field’s geometry, saying that the partly obscured views of the field are the tradeoff for putting fans closer to the action.

The article goes on to tell stories of fans who are not renewing (today is the scary deadline don't forget) and one great story of a fan who would renew if only the Mets would throw in a Santana bobblehead.

There's some themes that will be familiar to Mets Police readers in the Times piece (hmmm) so yo'll definitely dig it.  Glad to see the "mainstream" is on board.

Published: December 31, 2009
Ticket prices and discontent over the team and the obstructed views in left field have left some Mets fans in no mood to renew season tickets by Thursday’s deadline.
You have just over 14 hours to lock in your seats.

Tip of the blue mets cap to Loge 13 who has more on the subject.
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