Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Blue Cap Army: Unite!


Mets fan, I feel your frustration this morning.  

Today is like the day after Christmas the year you didn't get the bike.  You kind of knew deep down that daddy wasn't going to get you the bike, maybe couldn't even afford the bike...but here it is, December 26th and Phil down the block got a bike and you didn't.

Mets fan, I know that even if the Mets sign two Jasons today (Bay and Marquis) that you will still feel disappointed.   You've kind of had it.  What to do?

One of the internal rules of Mets Police is that I do not want to harm the franchise.  I'm out to be an agent of change, an agent of good.  I have an idea which I'll share in a minute.

As a fan, you have to decide what this product means to you.  If going to a game makes you happy, then buy a ticket.  Personally, I don't think buying 15 games will make me happy so I'm not going to buy a plan.  I do see myself heading out to Flushing on Opening Day and some early season Saturday games, with my kid, because I like doing that.    On the other hand, I'm the kind of fan who didn't watch the '98 and '99 seasons because I declined to pay Cablevision an extra $10 or whatever it was because they decided to put Sportschannel on a pay tier.  Bob Murphy was just fine those two summers.

I'm not going to be one to start a ticket boycott or something where we all walk out in the third inning.  Those never work, and they don't help anyone.  However, let's focus our energy.

Here's what I want you to do if you are frustrated.  I want you to wear a blue cap to games.   That's it.

I'll be there opening day and I will wear a blue cap.  I hope you join me.  Do I expect that my blog is so powerful that there will be 40,000 blue caps there?  Nope.   Maybe 4 of us do it.  Maybe one of the other sites throw a link and 100 of us do it.  Do people wear blue caps to games anyway, of course.   However, if you look at pictures of crowds it isn't as blue as you'd think - and nothing like what a Cardinals Red crowd looks like.

One thing I've learned is that there's more fans like you and I out there than I thought, so let's wear a blue cap.  It is a thumb at the nose of the black uniforms, a symbol of all the horribleness that has befell this franchise since Davey left town.  It's at worst a financial neutral protest, and hey might even sell a few caps for the team.  It's your choice of orange button on top or blue.   Just no black.   The color of this protest is blue.

Sure this is a little nutty, and it's a big climb.  There will probably be 12 of us participating...but maybe it will catch.  Ya Gotta Believe, right?

Join the Blue Cap Army, spread the word.

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1 Response to "Blue Cap Army: Unite!"
Ceetar said :
December 16, 2009 at 4:56 PM
I don't have a problem with the black uniforms or the black caps. I've been thinking of buying one the blue/orange bp gaps though. I don't really like the flat blue like you depict here, but I was thinking a blue cap probably reflects more summer heat than the black. So i guess, provided I do in fact buy one, you can count me in.

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