Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Quick Mets and Yankees odds and ends


Some quickies before the 9am post....

Brian Costa in the Ledger suggests that yesterday wasn't so bad and wisely warns...

Where it hurts the Mets most is from a PR standpoint. There is not a general manager in baseball who woke up Tuesday with more pressure to make a major move than Omar Minaya. If that results in the Mets overpaying for Bay, in years and/or dollars -- if they give him a better deal than they were willing to give him 24 hours ago -- Monday will have proven costly in that sense. And if the Mets somehow fail to sign Bay, then they'll really be in a tough spot (Matt Holliday or bust? Scott Boras would love it).

In the News John Harper throws a punch to the belly:

Let's face it, the Mets are seen in baseball circles as losers these days, a team full of holes going into next season with a lame-duck manager and a GM already on the hot seat.

In the Post, Kevin Kernan says

“The Mets got killed by this move,’’ said one MLB exec.

 WFAN.com has some more sad pictures of Yankee Stadium dying.

Finally, my Yankee friend Mr. Sunshine said I misrepresented him yesterday when I accused him of actually not liking Fake New Yankee Stadium.  He has demanded a retraction.  Here's Sunshine:

The upper deck at New Fake Yankee is awful. Even my Yankee friend Mr. Sunshine has caved in on that point, and he won't cave in on anything.  Misquoted. I actually enjoy the open air concourse, but when heading down into the Terrace, not up into the Grandstand.   What I said was - Yankee Stadium should not be sharing a design with anyone.  They should have done an exclusivity design clause.

But the real breaking news:  not that Matsui is going to the Angels; Kate may have traded Alex for a player to be named later.  We liked Kate.  She was a real stabilizing force.  That's not a good off-season move. 

Well, I don't know about A-Rod's personal life, but he is a true Yankee now just like Johnny Damon, but I'm sure Mr. Sunshine will love the new Twins ballpark.  Check out New Stadium Insider for more on the Yankee-like design in Minnesota.

I have bigger problems than razzing the defending champions...and we'll start to change the world in 10 minutes with a crazy idea I have.   Come back at 9.

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