Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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MLB Revenue Sharing And New York Mets Ticket Prices


I'm deep in the woods here, and let me remind you Mets Police is not 60 Minutes.   I'm just a fan, and I'm not sure anything I'm about to write is accurate but stay with me.

I read this on Metsblog:

i know for fact, that the team is not happy with the price of their tickets, but, for reasons i am trying to better understand, they have no choice due to Revenue Sharing

That caught my eye.  The Mets are not happy with the price (presumably they would lower them, right?) but have no choice.   Really?

John Henry, owner of the Red Sox...

If the Yankees and the Mets spend a billion dollars plus of their investment dollars to build new ballparks, they should be allowed to keep their revenues from that,"

I understand that there's a central fund and the richer teams have to put money in the pot.   What's interesting is this suggestion that the Mets can't cut ticket prices.   Is it because if the Mets (and Yankees and Red Sox...) don't float the boat for the weaker teams then those teams might fold?  If the Mets can't cover their end of the bar-tab then the Pirates wash dishes?  Does that mean that you are paying more just so some Pirates fan can enjoy baseball, even if it is always losing baseball?  Is someone or some rule telling the Mets they need to bring in a certain amount of money or the league will have major issues?

I guess the Pirates/Marlins etc are counting on that Mets money.  Why is that the Mets' problem?  If Fred wants to charge $1 for every seat why can't he?

I'm not sure what I'm missing, and if you understand it all please post a comment.   The Mets have "no choice" is very fascinating to me.

ESPN recently wrote about revenue sharing here.

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